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West Valley, AZ Dog Training

Welcome To Pawsitive K9 Trainers, LLC

I have been providing positive reinforcement training for puppies and dogs in the West Valley, AZ area since 2018.  Together, we will build a better relationship between you and your dog, while having fun in the process!

Natalie hugging a black dog outside.

Welcome to Pawsitive K9 Trainers, LLC

Are you the proud owner of a new puppy?

Do you need help to better understand who your dog is and why they are behaving a certain way? Family Dog Mediation is the answer. 

Since 2018, I have been dedicated to providing top-tier puppy/Adolescent and dog training services in the West Valley, AZ area.  My approach is a simple one: Use Positive Reinforcement to teach your puppy basic manners through training, management, structure and boundaries while build a strong human- animal bond. Add in Family Dog Mediation which is a new and exciting model emerging in the Dog Training industry.

Nurturing a dog’s well being through a balanced approach encompassing  Learning, Environment, Genetics and Self. By providing tailored learning experiences, optimizing the external conditions of your dog’s world, respecting and understanding their genetic make-up and focusing on their internal well being , I can create a complete training journey for you.

My Mission:

My mission during our time together is to create a relationship based on trust and mutual respect between you and your dog. I have five main tenets I bring to each client relationship:

  1. Companionship– You will better enjoy the companionship your dog provides.
  2. Understanding– Your dog will understand your cues and what is expected of them.
  3. CommunicationYou will teach communication to your dog via verbal cues and hand signals . You in turn will learn how to read their body language.
  4. Fun– Training can be frustrating, but I aim to make it fun and rewarding for both you and your dog.
  5. Harmony– Together, all of these create a better sense of harmony in your home.

The Dog's Truth


A white dog with tan spots sitting in the grass.
Puppy Training

It all starts at the beginning.

To ensure a well mannered dog, training can start as early as 8 weeks.

Each visits concludes with homework and handouts for you and your puppy to work on until our next session. After all , the key to successful and consistent training is YOU!

Pet Therapy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Preparedness

Do you have a desire to dive into the Pet Therapy world? I can evaluate your dog for temperament and prepare you to successfully pass a Pet Therapy evaluation. I will conduct a mock exam so you can practice and be better prepared to pass with ease. I can also prepare you to pass a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation as I am a AKC CGC Evaluator who can also administer any of the CGC certifications.

Natalie and a service vest wearing dog in front of an Avondale Police sign.

We Get Pawsitive Results!

“We just started training with our 7 month old shepherd mix Kona. Even before our official training, Natalie was such a resource as we tackled potty training and now she is helping is with Kona’s biting issues and other basic commands. We are already seeing such progress with just 2 sessions. Natalie is so patient, knowledgeable and joyful, and we are blessed to have her not only as a trainer but a friend.” -Amy

What I Do

Natalie with her arm around a dog in front of a garden.

Are you dealing with any of the following?

I can help! I’ll work with you to create a training and management program customized to you and your pets relationship to bring structure, expectation and peace in your home. Whether it’s behavior problems, puppy manners training, or even preparing for entry into the pet therapy world, I am eager to work with you. Are you ready to end the frustration and enjoy every minute with your dog? Then contact me to schedule a phone call to discuss your needs and make a plan of action to end the struggle.

We Get Pawsitive Results!

“Positive approach to training which is individualized based on the dog’s needs and learning style. We adopted a young lab, and although we are experienced dog owners, we could not figure out how to help her learn. Natalie quickly identified what our new pup needed in order for us to work on training with her. Of course, we needed the training more than our dog did, LOL! Thank you so much, Natalie, for your help, patience, creativity, and expertise!”


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