Training & Preparation Services

How Positive K9 Training Works

Like people, each dog has its own unique personality. My approach to training is to efficiently get the most out of your dog, maximizing reliability without sacrificing the dog’s spirit! During our initial meeting, I identify the most appropriate way to build a balanced relationship between you and your dog that is built on clear communication. I do this in a fun, easy manner that makes training for the whole family a rewarding experience.

I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to dog training. Instead, I identify the needs of the owner and the dog’s personality to develop a custom training plan. By listening to the owner and getting to know the dog’s unique personality, I ensure that the training plan we customize will meet your goals. I know that, if the owner doesn’t feel comfortable with the plan, then the training results will never be accomplished.

My goal is to help you build a relationship with your dog, while having fun in the process!

Before we even meet, I have a brief conversation with each client via a free phone call. During this call, we discuss your needs and make sure that we are a good fit to meet the needs in question. I send each potential client an intake form that needs to be completed and returned via mail or email. After I review it, I call to schedule our first session. Our 90-minute session will cover education, benevolent leadership, and canine body language. I like to see dogs in their natural environment, and this also gives your dog some time to get used to me.

I typically begin working on a basic manner right off the bat. This will give you a picture of how I work with your dog and what training your dog will look like for you. I arm you with homework and handouts to ensure success. The rest of our sessions will be one hour long to address behavior issues and continue to learn basic manners, which turn into life skills. 

By teaching your dog these basic manners, you will set expectations, structure, and reliable behavior all the while creating a strong human – canine bond. I want to equip and empower you to get the very best behavior from your dog. 

Puppy Training

Start your journey with your puppy off on the right foot !

This is a six week course where we meet once a week for an hour to learn the basics of puppy training and resolve nipping/mouthing issues through verbal cues and hand signals. Benevolent Leadership guidelines will be introduced during our first session. Throughout our time together, I will point out Canine Body Language so you can begin to better understand what your canine is trying to communicate to you. We can customize this program to fit your needs. Customization options include Potty training and Preparation for grooming appointments. Certificate of completion and treat bag is included.

Basic puppy training includes the follows skills and cues: 

Certificate of completion and treat bag is included.

The Poised Pup- Silver Package

This is my most popular program.

This eight week course covers all manners learned in the Poised Pup program with the additions of Place and Leash Manners. This longer course gives you a few more sessions to work on cues or behaviors that your puppy may be struggling with. Certificate of completion, a treat bag, tether, and harness are included. 

The Poised Pup Basic Manners: 

Certificate of completion, treat bag, tether, and harness is included.

Pet Therapy Readiness

Become a registered Pet Therapy team.

A four week program for those who want to explore the Pet therapy world, I will evaluate your dog’s temperament and walk you through the process to test to become a registered Pet Therapy team. I will conduct a mock pet therapy evaluation for you to complete as practice and ensure that you are ready to pass with flying colors.

Pet Therapy  

The Platinum Puppy Program

Prepare your puppy to behave in public as an obedient dog.

This is our two-month day training program for busy families who would need or want extra help during the day. This program will cover day training, dog walking, and private in-home lessons. Your puppy will benefit from our training that will reduce your frustration and save you time and effort

During the first month, your puppy will have one on one lessons three days per week. This will give your puppy a mid-day potty break, play, and proper socialization along with exercise. A tired puppy is a happy puppy! At the end of each week, you will get a private lesson to review what puppy learned that week and instruction on how to continue the training.  All training  is done in your home.

During the second month, you will take over practicing and training your puppy. We will meet weekly in your home or in a pet-friendly store to refine and fine tune their skills. This will prepare your puppy to behave in public as an obedient dog.

The Platinum Puppy Program includes the follows skills and cues: 

Package Includes:

Video sessions, lifetime support, refresher courses (if needed), and certificate of achievement is included.