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About Us

Natalie holding a small black dog in each arm.

"The righteous care for the needs of their animals" ~ Proverbs 12:10


Canines have always been my passion and I truly enjoy spending time with them and watching them develop into wonderful companions, especially from the early puppy years and being a voice for them. After years of helping friends with their canine issues, I decided it was time to become a professional and have the opportunity to use my skills set and my God given passion to make this a thriving and successful business.

I am a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior and am a Certified  Professional Dog Trainer as well as a Licensed Family Dog Mediator  ( LFDM-T). I am a member of The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants(IAABC) and The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)  and strive to further my education on a yearly basis to ensure that I am providing you with this most current evidence based scientific  training. 

I am passionate about teaching people on how to train and better communicate to their dogs. By doing this, a dog owner can truly enjoy the company of their “forever” dog and never having to make the very tough decision of surrendering the dog to a shelter or possibly thinking of giving it away to someone else because the behavioral issues of the animal were not addressed as a puppy.

I will treat your dogs as if they were my very own and will always be honest and upfront with you as the owner. I pride myself as being very professional, ethical and trustworthy with you and your pets. I am completely committed to helping you succeed.

We are a faith based company, and would love to be able to pray with you for any needs. God has blessed me with the ability to connect with canines and I thank HIM daily for this gift and I want to use it to help you solve your canine frustrations.

I look forward to meeting you and your family as they are an integral part of your dog’s success story

What is LEGS and What is a Family Dog Mediator?

LEGS is a holistic approach to dog training that focuses on four key elements: Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self. It recognizes that a dog’s well-being is shaped by their experiences, the conditions of their surroundings, their genetic makeup, and internal factors such as health, age and personality. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, L.E.G.S provides a framework for creating a balanced and fulfilling life for dogs!

A Family Dog Mediator (FDM) utilizes the LEGS model to guide pet parents in understanding and addressing the diverse factors that contribute to their dog’s behavior. This approach goes beyond conventional training, fostering a lifestyle that meets the physical, emotional, and social needs of the dog.

FDMs work with families to address specific concerns and challenges and aim to foster authentic connections between pet parents and their dogs.


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