I am currently booked until the end of the year and will be accepting new clients toward the end of January 2024, please complete the contact form and I will contact you via email to schedule a discovery call. Thank you for your patience!

About Us

Natalie holding a small black dog in each arm.

"The righteous care for the needs of their animals" ~ Proverbs 12:10


Canines have always been my passion and I truly enjoy spending time with them and watching them develop into wonderful companions, especially from the early puppy years and being a voice for them. After years of helping friends with their canine issues, I decided it was time to become a professional and have the opportunity to use my skills set and my God given passion to make this a thriving and successful business.

I am a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior and am a Certified  Professional Dog Trainer as well as a Licensed Family Dog Mediator  ( LFDM-T). I am a member of the Association of  Professional Dog Trainers(APDT), a The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants(IAABC) and The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)  and strive to further my education on a yearly basis to ensure that I am providing you with this most current evidence based scientific  training. 

I am passionate about teaching people on how to train and better communicate to their dogs. By doing this, a dog owner can truly enjoy the company of their “forever” dog and never having to make the very tough decision of surrendering the dog to a shelter or possibly thinking of giving it away to someone else because the behavioral issues of the animal were not addressed as a puppy.

I will treat your dogs as if they were my very own and will always be honest and upfront with you as the owner. I pride myself as being very professional, ethical and trustworthy with you and your pets. I am completely committed to helping you succeed.

We are a faith based company, and would love to be able to pray with you for any needs. God has blessed me with the ability to connect with canines and I thank HIM daily for this gift and I want to use it to help you solve your canine frustrations.

I look forward to meeting you and your family as they are an integral part of your dog’s success story!


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