I am currently on vacation through July 29th and will respond to all inquiries after I return.

What My Clients Have To Say

A white puppy laying on a rug with his toys.

Got us started on the right foot!

We hired Natalie after talking with her, before even bringing our pup home! We were looking for someone who could teach US how to communicate with our dog, and build the skills our dog would need to be able to share our life with us. Natalie was awesome from the get go. She was always on time and prepared for our sessions. Her sense of humor made it fun to learn how to train our dog. The puppy definitely picked it up faster than we did! We are so grateful to Natalie for helping us get started on the right foot with our puppy. Freddy’s first session was when he was 9 weeks old, and now that he is almost 5 months old, he’s got a great foundation and learned so much! And more importantly, we, the dog parents, learned the basics from Natalie and can help keep our dog moving forward so he is happy and well adjusted. I highly recommend Natalie!! I would hire her again in an instant!

Melissa- Surprise

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